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Hoop dance a creative, fun movement meditation with rhythmic feedback offered by your delightfully well-rounded dancing partner - the hoop. Hooping uses spatial perception, strategy, feeling, patterns, imagination, detail and logic.

You’ll use both hands and move in both directions; challenging mind and body, helping you learn new skills with coordination and balance.

Emilie Joy Rowell has been teaching and performing hoop dance since 2010 across the UK and has gained international recognition in 'Hooping Idol 2014' the annual contest from hooping.org. She is also a pregnancy and postnatal teacher and doula offering yoga based dance classes to women in Brighton.

This is a beginner level hoop dance workshop in North London aimed at regular yoga flow-ers, though all are welcome.

Hoop practice to Mo Kolours 'Drum talking' from Emilie Joy Rowell on Vimeo.

Hoops will be provided for the workshop, if you'd like to order a hoop to buy please get in touch so I can make it and bring it along for you on the day.


LIMITED early booking places = £12
Standard prebooked = £17
Drop in = £20

Emilie Joy Rowell - Yoga Teacher in Brighton

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