• Image of Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers available in £5, £10 and £20 denominations - they can be used to buy all manner of FUN... classes, hoops, workshops, books, DVDs or even used as payment for a hoop dance party!

Available as a physical voucher with a code to use online or in person.

Visit www.thejoyofhooping.com for more info on classes, workshops and events or browse the web shop here to see what else is on offer.

Valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash - any change due would be given as credit or vouchers.


£5 will gift
* a squidgy hoop - suitable for kids or for hand hooping

£15 will gift
* 'Hooping' book/DVD by Christabel "HoopGirl" Zamor
* 'Hoopdance for Beginners' DVD

£20 will gift
* A super shiny custom made fitness hoop

£35 will gift
* a 6 week course (or)
* a super shiny fitness hoop & 'Hooping' book/DVD (or)
* a practice hoop & a squidgy hoop & 'Hooping' book/DVD & a bit left over : )

£80 will gift
* The Beginners complete package - 12 weeks of classes, a 2 colour shiny beginner hoop (made to order) and a squidgie hoop.