• Image of Absolute Beginners - HOOP DANCE MOVES! Brighton

Brand new hula hoop class coming soon to lighten your Brighton lunch hour.

Absolute beginners 6 week introduction to hoop dance.

Hoop dance is a great all round form of fitness, exercising body and mind as you learn to spin hoops on different parts of the body. It can be meditative, energising, sexy, playful, calming and fun.

"The classes are fun, liberating, silly, exciting, tricky, and something completely different. After a long and boring day at work hooping really gave me something to smile about! It also helped my coordination, something that I didn't think I had any of, but I surprised myself." - Franca


• But do I need rhythm/coordination/special gear?

* No! Come as you are. These classes allow students to go at their own pace, everyone learns different things at different speeds.

• I've hooped a bit before?

* This class is perfect for you if you've been playing with a hoop at the waist and would like to take it further. Playful, creative lessons focus on different parts of the body each week.

• What next?

* When you sign up you'll get more info on your chosen venue, what to wear/expect.

Expect: smiles, sweat, tunes, one-to-one attention and a feeling of stretchy satisfaction.

Warning: sometimes hooping changes people's lives more than their waistlines!

Coming Soon